Dhyan Stock Broking

Dhyan Stock Broking, is one of the leading stock broking company in India, caters to retail and institutional clients by offering them financial services, including equities. The company is founded by Mr. Suresh Mehta and currently headed by Mr. Ankur Mehta and Mr. Manthan Mehta who bring forward industry expertise, insight and most importantly, create an environment of unmatched commitment to clients.

Our Journey

Dhyan Stock Broking, a proud member of the Bombay Stock Exchange since 1999, has been serving its clients for over 24 years. Under the dedicated leadership of Chairman Suresh Mehta and CEO Ankur Mehta, the company has excelled in the stock trading business. Compliance Officer Manthan Mehta ensures that all operations adhere to the highest standards of regulatory compliance, while Operational Manager Shashikant Surolia keeps things running smoothly. In addition to our stock broking expertise