Investment Banking

“Comprehensive Tax Planning is far more than Income Tax Planning.”

Every year, your Accountant helps with your taxes. But do they really know your big financial dreams? Like paying for your kids’ college or preparing for retirement? Have they suggested ways to make your investments more tax-efficient?

As part of your complete financial strategy, Dhyan Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd. will examine your current tax plans and offer better options to reduce taxes and boost your money. We’ll work on integrating your tax strategy with your estate, retirement, or business plans – that’s where we excel.

But it’s not just about quick fixes. We understand life changes, so we’ll provide ongoing support to keep your Financial Plan on track and help you achieve your long-term goals.

Dhyan Stock Online Broking Pvt. Ltd. specializes in serving SMEs, mid-corporate, and large corporate clients, aiming to offer customized financial solutions to address their working capital and growth finance requirements. We firmly believe that financial capital serves as the foundation for business growth, and the efficient management of funds is crucial for sustaining businesses with a well-structured cash flow system.

Our company supports corporations in utilizing debt as a valuable instrument to secure both short-term and long-term capital through structured financial products, including structured and mezzanine finance, project finance, and acquisition finance. We cater to various sectors such as real estate.

We have a strong expertise in debt syndication and has long-standing relationships with leading financial institutions, banks, NBFCs, co-operative banks, micro finance institutions, mutual funds and insurance companies.

Our dedicated team comprises experienced professionals with the necessary expertise. They provide advice based on a profound understanding of the challenges and issues faced by our clients, strong connections with financial markets, in-depth sector knowledge, and skilled negotiation skills.

Dhyan Stock Online Broking Pvt. Ltd. offers a comprehensive suite of M&A advisory services. These services encompass Corporate Finance, Financial Advisory Services, and Financial Restructuring for corporate clients.

Our M&A advisory team assists corporate buyers and private equity investors at every stage of the M&A deal process. This includes strategic planning, partner selection, thorough due diligence, and facilitating the deal’s closure. We extend our support even through the integration process or divestiture, tailoring our services to meet your transactional and integration requirements, all with the aim of enhancing value for our clients.

Additionally, we aid clients in securing transaction financing from various sources, including banks, NBFCs, private equity, and venture capital funds, which is often a vital component in such transactions. This enables us to establish direct contact with key individuals within businesses, enhancing our ability to successfully complete transactions. Our M&A Advisory team boasts extensive experience in handling acquisitions, divestitures, and buybacks, representing renowned corporations and financial sponsors.

As an M&A advisory firm, our primary objective is to drive transactions to a timely and efficient conclusion, while concurrently maximizing value creation for our clients.